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A few kilometers to the north east of Larnaca lies the village of Oroklini. Beyond stretches the coastline, with its exclusive tourist accommodations – some of the best in Cyprus. Alongside the coast, surrounding the village is the valley which gives Oroklini its rural character. A small plateau known as Gerakomoutti commands the area to the north-west of the village.




Oroklini has witnessed impressive development over the last decade. Here old and new, tradition and progress combine. On one hand the agricultural character of the village dwellings and cultivation of the land, and on the other, modern contemporary living. Friendly, smiling people, in tune with progress, are ready to greet every visitor with their traditional hospitality and a “welcome”.


Walking through the narrow streets of Oroklini, the visitor comes across small village tavernas, “kafenia” (coffe-shops), homesteads with their inner courtyards and romantic balconies. Tradition and contemporary attitudes stand side by side within the framework and character of their surroundings.


Historically, Oroklini appears on Venetian maps as Vorochini and is described as “an ancient village marked of deserted, roughly-built chapels in the nearby areas”. The original name of the village was “Voroklini”. Historians mention that during Turkish domination, Oroklini suffered many trials and tribulations. It was only in the 18th century that is begun to emerge and flourish as a community.


To the north of Oroklini lies the Monastery of Saint George of Mavrovounis, so called because it is built on an area of grey soil (Mavrovounis derectly translated from Greek means “black mountain”). This monastery was at its peak during the years of Frankish and Venetian domination and used to draw people from all over Cyprus to the Saint’s Annual Fair.


Its general decline and location away from a main road were the reasons for the later transfer of the Saint’s Day celebrations to the Monastery of Saint George Kontos, built on the main Nicosia – Larnaca road, on the outskirts of Larnaca.


On the small plateau of Gerakomoutti is a chapel dedicated to the prophet Elias. In 1809, the famous Dragoman, Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios, took refuge in this chapel while awaiting passage for himself and his family to Constantinople to escape the merciless persecution of the Agas and the Pasha of Cyprus.


In recent years, Oroklini village has become a popular tourist destination in Cyprus. Its lovely beaches, its location near Larnaca, Nicosia and the free Famagusta area have contributed significantly to the village’s growth and development.


The Improvement Board and the people of Oroklini together are continually planning new projects to add new impetus to the growth of the area. In addition, the preserved natural environment, the four distinct seasons and the growing rate of permanent residents all include the increasing popularity of the area.






Oroklini boasts one of the most beautiful coastlines in Cyprus. All is colourful, quit and placid. Sandy bays and rocky capes make attractive and popular bathing beaches where the delightful warmth of the sun invite cool refreshing dips in the shimmering Mediterranean-an atmosphere of total bliss. 



The sea beckons with a full range of water sports provided all along the beach including water-skiing, wind-surfing, sailing, canoes and paragliding. Enjoy the many activities in the sand and the sea or just bask in the glorious sunshine. All along Oroklini seafront impressive Regina’s Exclusive Villas amongst the newest and most luxurious in Cyprus. There is also a variety of restaurants, tavernas, cafes, pubs and steak houses open throughout the day and late into the night offering visitors a tremendous range of Cypriot cuisine. “Meze” is the most popular meal which comprises a selection of between fifteen and thirty different local dishes. A “meze” is not expensive but thoroughly filling and should be eaten at leisure, local style. Cypriot wine compliments the food perfectly.


After sunset, the Oroklini seafront takes on yet a different character with its many night-clubs, discos and bouzouki clubs. There is adventure, music and atmosphere everywhere.


Shopping in this area is yet another attraction for visitors, with the numerous small shops and boutiques offering clothes, shoes, jewelry, souvenirs, hand-made embroidery and other Cypriots handicrafts.


The Oroklini seafront area reflects the cosmopolitan character of Cyprus combined with the picturesque, traditional character of the village.






The Oroklini Festival is now a well-established annual event that has come to symbolize the sincere warmth, tradition and natural beauty of both the Oroklini inhabitants and their surroundings.



The Oroklini festival takes place on the first Friday and Saturday evening of every September. It is presented on the Oroklini sea front amid surrounding restaurants, pubs and night clubs on the main Larnaca Dhekelia road.


The festival programme includes theatrical performances, concerts, Cypriot and folk dancing and “all the fun of the fair”.


Tasty souvlakia kebabs barbeque throughout the evening and the delightful aroma of loucomades which is a light delicious fried pastry saturated in local honey permeates the air. These festivities reflect the historic, cultural and agricultural traditions of Oroklini and Cyprus as a whole.


Oroklini openly welcomes more than 60000 people to her festival every year. Visitors here have the chance to watch and participate in the customs of Cyprus, their traditions in music and folk art and above all, to experience the wholesome hospitality that has earned Cyprus her unique reputation.


Oroklini’s festival promotes friendship and understanding among people from all walks of life. It joins the past and the present and local and foreign guests together for two evenings of festive music, dancing and fun


Not to be missed!!!!



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